Indonesia-Laos Travel Agent Meeting

Last Updated on 02 December 2015

Indonesia-Laos Travel Agent Meeting


   On September 3rd, 2014 Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia held an Indonesian-Laos travel agent2 meeting at the Mercure Hotel. The theme was “Indonesia-Lao Tourism Potential: Challenges and Opportunities.” The event was attended by approximately 50 participants, including Lao travel agents, the representatives of Garuda Indonesia in Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia, the staffs of the Laos Ministry of Information, Travel, and Culture, the local journalist et cetera.

   In his speech, the Ambassador of Indonesia stated that through this meeting, the tourism sectors of both countries will be widely recognized. A more reasonable tourism package would be realized was the expectation. This was due to the challenges that visitors have to deal with in order to reach the tourism destinations. The tourism sectors have several obstacles, in term of the transportation; there is no direct flight from Laos to Indonesia and vice versa, lack of the tourism information such as flyers and brochures, language barrier, fewer facilities compared to the other ASEAN countries. Besides the obstacles, tourists may also get an advantage from the Laos geographical position in which its borders are five other Asian countries, this position will make them easier in exploring other countries and extending their travel journey. Laos, along with its picturesque nature is rich with ethnic diversities; more than 40 ethnic groups are very attractive to be visited. Not only as a tourist destination, but this country also opens the opportunities for investors to make an investment in its tourism sector.

  Indonesia also took this opportunity as a way to promote its nation. Five presenters from Indonesia were in participation to present the good things of their country. The topics were the tourist destinations and products of every travel agent, informing the basic knowledge that Indonesia is the biggest archipelago state with over 17.500 widely-spread islands, and the well-known tourism objects including Bali, Yogyakarta, Bandung, Lombok and a lot more. The question was how we can increase the number of visitors coming to Indonesia, learning from Laos which the tourism sector is on the second position after the mining sector in giving its contribution to the Laos National Income, with approximately 3 million tourists visiting this country every year. Based on the question and answer session, a conclusion was taken that the best way to increase the tourism sector for both Laos and Indonesia is to widen and giving more information associated with tourism.

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