The 25 ASOEN Meeting and the other Related Meetings

Last Updated on 30 August 2014

The 25 ASOEN Meeting and the other Related Meetings


   August 25th-29th, 2014 - ASEAN Senior Meeting on Environment (ASOEN)’s 25th meeting and the other five related meetings were held in Vientiane, Laos. Some important points had been reached based on the agenda items that were discussed. On the 16th meeting of Governing Board, Indonesia would nominate 1 or 2 National Parks for ASEAN Heritage Park, Indonesia would also try to complete the Establishment Agreement (EA ACB)’s ratification process by the end of 2014. For Small Grants Programme associated with the conservation of biological diversity which is the cooperation between ASEAN and KfW (German), Indonesia asked for a renegotiation of the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th article with the ACB.

   The 25th meeting of ASOEN resulted to the ASEAN Socio Cultural Community (ASCC) and ASEAN community including input for the vision, new elements of ASEAN-Post 2015, recommendation for High-Level Task Force (HLTF) in order to reviewing ASEAN group, and reduction of meetings. Another point was that Malaysia would be the next host of the 26th ASOEN in 2015.

   The reports of the ASEAN ESC Model Cities Programme (Year 2) and the development of ASEAN Heritage Parks through the capacity’s and information’s development were delivered during the 8th dialog of ASEAN-Japan concerning the environment cooperation. ASEAN - India dialogue on environmental cooperation presented ongoing projects such as Modelling and Capacity Building on Climate Change. The India’s delegation also expressed their commitment associated with the environmental cooperation with ASEAN.

   Projects which involve APT were delivered at the 11th meeting of ASEAN Plus Three SOME. Among them is the APT Youth Environment Forum; ASEAN-ROK such as Capacity Building for Biodiversity Survey, ASEAN- Tiongkok including the ASEAN-China Environmental Cooperation Forum; as well as ASEAN-Japan as ASEAN ESC Model Cities Programme.

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