The 69th Commemoration of INDONESIA’s Independence Day

Last Updated on 12 October 2014

The 69th Commemoration of INDONESIA’s Independence Day

IMG 2637Vientiane - August 17is celebrated among Indonesian as Independence Day of Indonesia. It is a day that marks when Indonesia was declared Independent from the Netherlands. This day is filled with festivities and celebrations.

Preparations for the Independence Day begin way in advance before festivities begin. Back home in Indonesia, on this special occasion, the people are required to hoist flags on their residence for a certain period of time. A unique thing about the celebration of this day in Indonesia is that all ceremonies are conducted simultaneously in all regions, from schools to official government offices, including the ceremony presided over by the president and attended by different groups, officials, Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force), veterans, and members of the public.


The celebration of Independence Day is of great significance to the people and history of Indonesia. It is a huge event for the people of Indonesia marking the declaration of Indonesia as free nation from the foreign rule. It was the day that the Indonesian flag was unveiled. The flag is of great importance to the country and its citizens with its red color showing courage and white purity. The flag is flown with the greatest honor and utmost respect as a sign of patriotism and true nationalism.

On August 17, 2014, Indonesia celebrated its 69th anniversary. Here in Vientiane, as well as Indonesian in other nations, we do not miss out on this important day of celebration. There are decorations hung all throughout the Embassy buildings decorated in red and white.

The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Vientiane has conducted a series of sport events that involve not only Indonesian citizens in Laos, but also the Embassy staff and the people of Laos who is part of the Friends of Indonesia.

The series of activities was started on August 2nd where we have a badminton, futsal and mixed sports. These was attended by approximately 80 participants. Marked the end of the sport game on August 9th, at the Embassy’s tennis courts, aerobics was held, led by Laotian aerobics teacher and attended by 200 participants.

IMG 2612As the main event, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Vientiane will hold a Flag Raising Ceremony for the 69th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia on August 17, 2014 at 09:00 local time. The ceremony take place solemnly and will be followed by the entire staff of the embassy and Indonesian citizen in Laos. Adding the participants are some of the students of Bahasa Indonesia course and alumni of Indonesia’ scholarship. Act as the Inspector of the ceremony is the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Lao PDR, H.E. Irmawan Emir Wisnandar, while the Defense Attaché Col. Sunoto as the Commander and some Indonesian students in Vientiane become member of the flag raisers forces.

After the solemn ceremonies, all participants will gear up for fun and games. There will be a moment for all the winner in sports activities to receive their medal, trophy and present. Among other things, the Ambassador will congratulate all the awardees of the Indonesian Scholarship (Darma Siswa and Development Countries Partnership/KNB). Apart from the competition which is very tight, the participants have managed to be accepted in some of the well-known universities in Indonesia in order to pursue their Master Degree. We hope and expects that the participants will take advantage of this opportunity so that the program is not only expand the horizon of their knowledge about Indonesia but they also able to contribute positively to the relationship between Indonesia and Laos.

To conclude the day, there will be a special performance by Lao students play Indonesia traditional music instruments-angklung while the rest of participants could enjoy the performance accompanied by Indonesian delicacies.

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