Pameran Foto dan Seminar

Last Updated on 26 October 2017

Pameran Foto dan Seminar untuk Memperingati 60 tahun Hubungan Diplomatik Indonesia - Laos

Pada tanggal 6 Oktober 2017 Kedutan Besar Republik Indonesia di Vientiane, Laos, mengadakan Pameran Foto dan Seminar untuk memperingati 60 tahun hubungan diplomatik antara Indonesi dan Laos. Berikut disampaikan liputan media setempat mengenai acara tersebut.

Lao-Indonesian bilateral cooperation forging bright future

Even though relations between Laos and Indonesia have encountered challenges, a bright future of cooperation will ensure economic growth and well-being for the two nations’ peoples.
This was the message conveyed by senior officials and diplomats from Laos and Indonesia during a seminar held on Friday to commemorate 60 years of diplomatic relations between the two Southeast Asian countries.
The Lao PDR and the Republic of Indonesia established diplomatic relations on August 20, 1957.
In his presentation at a seminar entitled “Robust at Sixty: Now and Beyond”, Indonesian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Desra Percaya made mention of the geographic and language differences as challenges to bilateral connectivity between the two nations.

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