Diplomatic Reception 2014

Last Updated on 12 October 2014

Indonesian Embassy hosts Diplomatic Reception to celebrate

69th Anniversary of Indonesia Independence

Diplomatic Reception 2014 1(Vientiane, 22 August 2014) - The Indonesian Embassy celebrated the 69th anniversary of the Declaration of Indonesian Independence on 17 August 2014 with a diplomatic reception at the Lao Plaza Hotel, Vientiane. The celebration was honoured by the attendance of Mr. HiemPhommachanh, Minister for Post, Telecom and Communication and Mr. AlunkeoKittikhoun, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs. The reception also attended by around 250 distinguished guests, officials from the different Lao government offices, Lao businessmen, Ambassadors and representatives from the various diplomatic missions in Vientiane.Mr. NoulinhSinbandhith, Minister for Natural Resources and Environment is present among the distinguished guest.

In his remarks, Indonesia Ambassador to Lao PDR, H.E. Irmawan Emir Wisnandar, express his satisfaction on the strengthening of the bonds of friendship and cooperation between Indonesia and Lao PDR. During the last 57 years, both countries have travelled through many events that had made the bilateral ties more strong and solid. Both countries had agreed to enhance relations to focus on exploring the potential of both nations to cooperate on trade and investment. The two nations expressed a desire to reach further agreements relating to security, tourism, sport, air transport and education. They will create a sister cooperation by sector especially in terms of education, agriculture and aviation in the near future.

Touching upon the issue of education, over these last Four and Half years, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia has opened an opportunity for the people of Lao PDR to study Bahasa Indonesia at the Embassy. Numbers of students are keep on increasing every year and many of them especially those who worked in the government and private sector are able to speak in Bahasa Indonesia very well.

Diplomatic Reception 2014 2As a new comer in Laos, Ambassador Wisnandar is really looking forward to begin a close co-operation withall the representatives of diplomatic corps and international organization as he believes that a frank and regular dialogue is important for the mutual benefit of eachcountries.

Conclude his remarks, Ambassador Wisnandarassure all distinguished guests thatalthough Indonesia will have a new President by next October, Indonesia shall continue to open and expand their diplomacy with any countries with the principles of a million friends without a single opponent.The partnership between the Republic of Indonesia and Lao PDR will remain strong and productive through the years, and bodes well for the warm friendship sure to endure between their two peoples for generations to come. Having a toast, both of Guest of Honour congratulated Indonesian Ambassador Irmawan Emir Wisnandar on the occasion.

Diplomatic Reception 2014 3In spite of the beautiful and charming decoration presenting the craft of Indonesia, all guest were accompanied by the traditional music instrument named Kolintang and Angklung while enjoying the delicacies. The performers of both Angklung and Kulintang played ChampaMuang Lao, one of the all-time favourite song in Lao PDR. This performances has given way to a festive mood and ambience in Lao Plaza Hotel.

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